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new visual novel- The Adventures of Marigold the Elf

2017-12-07 20:08:56 by fleetp

Today I uploaded my adults only visual novel "The Adventures of Marigold the Elf" to Newgrounds.

While it is contains nudity and is sexually explicict, it is not a fuck fest. My intention is to tell a story.

Marigold's quiet life in the forest was altered forever when a dragon, driven from its mountain home by increasing unrest caused by the goblin tribes and their mysterious leader, attacked her pony. With the forest under siege, and unsure of what to do, Marigold asked advice from the wisest person she knew, her mother.
Follow the journey of Marigold, from her passionate encounter with a soldier, through learning the secrets of her heritage, to her gaining the courage and initiative to protect her child and family.


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