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Released "Arnie and the Hitchhiker" (adult visual novel) on newgrounds

2016-11-17 20:13:42 by fleetp

I uploaded my adult visual novel "Arnie and the Hitchhiker" here at newgrounds


While it contains explicit sex scenes, it is not a 'fuck fest'; my purpose is to tell a story.
Take on the role of Arnie, who gets dumped by his girlfriend, and makes a wrong turn on his way home. Arnie subsequently encounters a mysterious female hitchhiker [Marcella] with a dark secret. This could be a night he'll never forget.
Can you solve the mystery and save Marcella from her horrible fate, or will Arnie meet his doom?
There are 5 main endings. The ending you get depends on choices you make in the game. You might end up with one of three ladies. Playing time to find all endings is one hour.
Rapidly clicking to advance the story may cause it to crash, make the in game animations mess up, or miss some scenes.


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2016-11-17 21:35:16

I love all three of your games!!! :D You were right when you say the games are for adults.... :o Keep up the great work, man!!! :D You have something going here! If you want to sometime you can checkout some of my comedy arts. :)

fleetp responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy my work.